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Classic Jaguar Mk2

The Jaguar Mk2 is a classic British design. In the 1960's is it was a symbol of understated luxury that is the hallmark of Jaguar's from this period.

The Jaguar Mk2 was immortalised in the Inspector Morse TV series and was often used as a fast getaway car in numerous films at the time.

Jaguar Mk2

As shown in the photograph below, the rear and front bench seats will seat 4 passengers in style and comfort.

Interior of our Jaguar Mk2
Jaguar Mk2 at the wedding venue
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"The classic Jaguar Mk2 is part of our cultural heritage"

Our 1968 Jaguar MK2 coachwork is finished in Old English white with sumptuous cherry red interior, matching carpets and polished wood veneers. Chromed wire wheels complete the specification of this classic wedding car.

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Jaguar Mk2 side view